Top 15 Free Ipad Educational Apps

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What is an iPad? I’m sure even little kids these days know what an iPad is. It is the latest technology gadget that proves to be useful to everyone, isn’t it? Starting from shooting videos to free educational apps, an iPad has almost all the features that you see in a normal cell phone. Be it Social networking sites or having virtual inbuilt Wi-Fi, iPad has just about everything. The best part is that an iPad benefits everyone equally. Be it little kids or old people, people of all age groups benefit from iPad apps specially iPad Educational apps and that is what we will discuss below.

The top 15 free iPad Educational Apps according to user rating and reviews are as follows:

  1. Toonia color book- coloring game for kids and toddlers by 3f
  • Toonia Color book has topped the list by bagging the best user reviews and rating to be the best educational app for toddlers and kids. This app has many themes and pages for the kids to color and we all know how much kids love coloring, don’t we?
  • This app does not only improve your child’s concentration power but his or her mechanism power and creative thinking too.
  • This app is especially effective for toddlers whose eye hand co-ordination improves after using this app.
  1. Elevate- brain training by elevate, inc
  • Elevate was chosen by Apple as the 2014 App of the year due to the huge productive impact it has had on kids and adults alike.
  • Elevate is a brain coaching program aimed at ameliorating concentration, talking skills, processing pace, retention, math skills etc.
  • In this app, each person is initially given an individualized training program that one adapts to with time.
  • Elevate improves your analytical and psychological skills.
  1. Craftsy: video classes, supplies and kits by sympoz inc
  • The next in the list is Craftsy. It is an online association of people from all fields to train you in whatever field you are interested in.
  • Starting from weaving and painting to cooking and photography, Craftsy covers all kinds of interests that there is and helps you develop your skills in them.
  • You get free online tutorials on improving and developing your interests and what’s more? You get the supplies, of whatever interest you are pursuing, online too.
  1. Learn with homer: reading and educational games by homer
  • Learn with Homer has won the 2015 Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Teacher’s Choice Gold Award and has also been recommended by Today show.
  • Children who use Homer for at least 15 minutes per day are proven to have improved their reading skills to a considerable extent compared to Children who don’t.
  • From toddlers to teenagers, Homer has proved to be useful to all students in improving their fluency, spellings and vocabulary.
  1. College passport- sat edition: college search and admissions connect, sat prep and application manager by edupath
  • College passport is the best app for high school students who are preparing for SAT.
  • This app helps you find your dream goal colleges first and then train you likewise so that you prepare better and score even better.
  • College Passport assesses your strengths and weaknesses alike and helps you overcome your weaknesses in the best way possible.
  • College Passport not only helps you prepare but also lets you know of your progress too.
  • Last but not the least College Passport trains you in such a way that you become efficient enough to score as well as to get into your dream college.
  1. Lumosity by lumos labs, inc
  • Lumosity comes sixth in the list with its all positive reviews and great ratings that there is.
  • Lumosity helps you increase your concentration power and attentiveness.
  • It creates a program that trains you in such a manner that challenges your brain and demands your full concentration.
  • This app not only serves to improve your attentiveness but also your memory power.
  1. Fit brains trainer by rosetta stone Canada inc
  • Fit brains app helps you focus on the things you wish to focus but are getting distracted due to whatever reasons that there is.
  • Fit brains app has won many awards for its commendable training of the brains of the uses and keeping them fit as well.
  • Fit brains app have many games which are super fun to play and also serve as brain exercises so as to keep your brain healthy and fit.
  • This app benefits people of all age groups and even gives you a track of your progression after using the app.
  1. Quizlet- flashcards and study tools by quizlet llc
  • Quizlet is an educational app that has tools that help you study any subject anywhere.
  • Quizlet has many games that ask you questions on the subject that you have studied but since the games are so much fun, you won’t mind answering the questions again and again thereby increasing your knowledge.
  • You can create your own question flashcards which might prove to be useful to the million other users.
  • This app improves your study habits in such a way that learning becomes more of a fun game than a task for you.
  • You can study with pictures or audio, whatever you are comfortable in.
  1. Farfaria storybooks — library of children’s books and read along with me stories by intuary
  • Farfaria is a reading app that has thousands of picture books and audio books that not only increases your child’s reading skills but also builds their interest in reading.
  • Farfaria introduces thousands of storybooks and short stories each week! This app is aimed at children between 1-10 years of age.
  • This app not only has the classics and fairytales that we have all grown up reading but new hits too. It has won numerous awards for its contribution in children’s life.
  1. Coursera by courser
  • Coursera is one of the leading educational apps which haveP connections with the top Universities of the world including Yale, Stanford etc.
  • This app serves for providing online courses for students all over the world. The courses are taught by the professors of reputed Universities.
  • Online lectures and additional information on subjects such as Computer Programming, Psychology and hundreds more are also available in this app.
  1. Dualingo- learn languages for free by dualingo
  • Dualingo has been awarded the 2013 App of the year by Apple!
  • Dualingo gives you access to languages like French, German, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Irish, Spanish and many others.
  • This is a language learning app that teaches you the language that you choose to learn.
  • Users have given it high ratings and this app is claimed to have proved beneficial to all its users.
  1. Endless numbers by originator inc
  • Endless numbers is an app from the team Originator which is the creator of many other educational apps and is run by an association of artists and engineers who wish to work for providing kids the deadly combination of entertainment and education.
  • This app is aimed at children of age groups between 2 to 10.
  • There are various phases in this app including number recognition, quantity, numerical patterns etc.
  • The fun element in the app is that nothing is monotonous or boring. The app is created in such a way as to keep the children captivated.
  1. ITunesU BY APPLE
  • ITunes app is an educational app for the teachers and instructors. This app has proved extremely beneficial to teachers and instructors all around the world.
  • Teachers can add their teaching materials and documents of all kind in this app and discuss about assignments and projects and even grade them with the help of this app.
  • You can create a loop and add your students there so as to discuss about future projects and assignments with ease.
  1. Play kids — early learning books, preschool shows, developmental games by movile internet movel S.A
  • Play kids has been ranked as the number one app for kids in more than 25 countries in the world!
  • This app has everything including books, games, top television shows that can be beneficial to kids, cartoons and puzzles.
  • This app has been loved so much because of the positive influence it has on kids and parents alike.
  1. Paper
  • Paper has won the award of the Best iPad app 2012 at the Apple Design Awards.
  • Paper is the most creative app in iPad which has taken the definition of creativity to new heights.
  • Paper gives you a scope of creating new things. It improves your creativity and gives you a scope of creating new paintings and storyboards with the help of the innumerable tools that are available.
  • You can also create your unique presentation in Paper. Paper creates new possibilities in the world of art for professionals and novices alike.

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