Top Characteristics of Quality Homework

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Recall the first day of school. Wasn’t it beautiful? We go to the school with so many expectations and dreams but finally end up in hoping to end the school days as soon as possible. To be more proper school days were no doubt fun but the homework named short terror story is never fun for the students even to their parents also.

Homework might always have given you a headache, but trust me it is not at all a useless crap. Yes, homework is helpful for all students. But in most cases, it is seen that students cannot handle the pressure of homework and examination and finally waste a lot of time.

The situation becomes more miserable is when they push themselves to class to take down lectures of teachers pages after pages which are nothing more than some scrabbles to them. Lately, I have interviewed a few students who clearly speak the fact that homework is such a useless burden on them and they wish to remove this very thing from the whole education system.

So I just kept an eye on the various ways to create absolute motivating quality homework. Whenever a new academic year begins, everything new around. New class, new books and then at the next moment when the word homework comes in mind it seems all the happiness just goes off. It is no more unknown to us about the importance of homework and the various ways that the students find to escape homework.

It is almost the same story for all students and parents. The same old struggle with homework. Finally, students either end up with lagging behind or struggling from within a huge pile of homework. But there is nothing to feel so depressed and frustrated in such situations.

This is the reason one should start working on homework from the very first day. No works must be kept pending. But the quality of the homework must also be kept in mind. Like if you are told to submit homeworkdidn’t just feel careless and submit the thing. Practice it and do it yourself it will prove useful for further studies on the subject.

Homework is not enough. Copying from anywhere and then submitting low-quality homework is not expected. So what all teachers’ desire is high-qualityand error-free homework. You may all be interested to know about quality homework.

Quality homework carries a specific purpose such a practising or understanding the chapter. While this process the doubts can be marked and kept for later explanations. So encourage your child to do their homework on their own as early as possible. But before that, bring your kid in a calm and quiet place to do homework, far from distractions.

So I have completed my part. I have guided you in all possible ways. Now convert my words into actions. A good homework will provide the following things:

  1. It will provide a good revision on the lesson
  2. It will increase the efficiency of the student
  3. It will clear all the doubts in the chapter
  4. Will help to gain extra marks in the exams
  5. Last but important develops skills like creativity, innovation.

It is the duty of the parents and teachers to build up confidence in your child and encourage them to do their work on their own. That includes supplying all necessary materials that your child needs to complete their homework. Help your child to divide homework into parts so that they find it pretty easy to work with it.

Motivate your child and encourage them with positive feedbacks. Keeping them under supervision will also prove very helpful for the child to improve. Set a timer and offer incentives for doing something really good for completing homework on time and all. This will teach your kid the value and meaning of time management. Incentives will encourage pupil and will fill them with positive mind-set.

But parents have to be more careful about their child’s performance and behaviour because these days they have become so busy that they don’t even get time even to sit beside them for the very little encouragement. This explains the significance of time management because people are so busy nowadays. They can’t even manage the least time for family and their kids.

Sometimes it’s even same for some of the students. They are so engrossed with the school and tuition pressure that they could not fetch out time to work on homework and assignment efficiently. Not only is this, but another driving factor is also preparing a complete quality homework is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Hence if there are fifty reasons of not doing homework I can give you a hundred reasons on the importance of doing homework for the youngsters. But unfortunately, most of them are now up to the new trend of buying homework online. But I can advise the parents that don’t spoil the creativity of the students in this way! The role of home assignment in student enlightenment can show the parents some other useful ways to apply for their child.

However, you skip or manage this thing at school; universities will not spare at all.  Finally, you will be in great trouble in the long run. Better start the practice today itself and enhance your creativity and innovative skills even more! Thinking of success? It will follow you if you follow these rules!

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