Top Ten Jobs for an MBA Degree Holder

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If you are one with a business MBA degree things will definitely fall smoothly on your way and all you will ever need is to choose among the many alternatives the best suited field where you can flourish well. Having a business degree is really opportunistic in a way that with this one can easily start a new venture or at least can operate the existing forum with ease.

A business degree can open doors to many career options giving a larger number of alternatives to opt. One would be happy to discover the fact that with a business degree in the field of management he/she is exposed to indefinite number of jobs that to with guaranteed fame and success.

However the salary package and the promotional feature may vary according to the job opted. Many such job options are listed below, they are:

  1.  Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship:

Individuals can go for entrepreneurship if they have their degree in business management. But before starting with this venture the individual aspiring for business entrepreneur should gain some experience in the same field before stepping in. by doing there would be less chances of failure and also the potential to handle risk would tremendously improve.

The two important key factors which form the blood and flesh of this job are entrepreneur and enterprise. Entrepreneur is the person who undertakes this venture and the type of business that he/she chooses to establish is known as an enterprise. So before starting this venture the entrepreneur must be very sure about the type of enterprise. 

  • HR position:

This field is related to Human Resource management. There can be number of job opportunities in this field such as:

  • Human Resource Generalist:

This individual needs to have a variety of skill and ample amount of work experience to fulfill the duties that follows with the job title. HR generalist deals with wider aspects of H R department mostly including staffing, compensation, training, employment and safety programs.

  • Human Resource Director:

This job has the main roles of managing the various departments under the Human Resources. The most common works involve supervising the departments for their smooth operation and long term running. Their jobs include intense communication between the management and the employees and apart from this they are also involved in planning, directing (as the name suggests) and coordinating the various works of various departments.

  • Employment and Placement Managers:

This job is specially designed for recruitment of new and promising employees. Their main role is to manage the entire application procedures that may include providing information about the mew job disclosures, job duties and the responsibilities that follow up, various benefits pertaining to the job and also the compensations in case of any mishap. Apart from the above mentioned tasks the managers deal with interviewing the applicants, their background and reference checks and also involved in managing the records of the applicants that are not hired.

  • Recruitment specialists:

These individuals specialize in recruiting new staffs in the company by going through the application forms of various applicants. This job involves tiresome travel process in order to find an eligible employee; involves screening procedures, testing of applicants and finally offering of jobs if the applicants are chosen.

  • Training managers:

These managers are responsible to conduct the various training programs. The training programs should be so conducted that would be beneficial to obtain an ideal employee. But above all the mangers are responsible to conduct the entire process under the budget strictly.

  • Human resource consulting:

This job aids other businesses to get consultations in the field of human resources. Their main job is to help the growth of other businesses under them. This can operated either through a consulting company or one can establish its own company. The main roles of the human resource consultants are to ensure efficient utilization of its personnel to achieve the stated goals of the organization which are expected to vary from one organization to other. Their roles vary according to the companies they are engaged with like for smaller companies the concern may be limited to establishing company policies and procedures. While in bigger companies, their role may be bit elaborate, like establishing grievance mediation processes. Sometimes the roles can be about reorganizing a company’s leadership structure.

  • Business consulting:  

There is wide aspect of consulting in terms of business. The manager can choose a firm of personal interest however big/ small and can provide the required aid. Depending upon the place of operation, a business consultant can be categorized into 2 sub heads they are:

  • Internal consultants: 

These individuals operate staying within an organization but their aid can be extended to other departments or individuals when situation of need arises.

  • External consultants:

These individuals are completely opposite in their roles as that of the internal consultants as these individuals operate from outside the organization. In this case the aid utilized is on ad- hoc basis that is it is temporary in function.

  • Management consulting:  

As the name suggests the role of the manager is to deal with the managing aspects pertaining to various businesses. By doing so the style of business is changed for better and the company can flourish well. Here the individuals are concerned with improving the performance and working of businesses by solving existing problems and finding better and more reliable means to that would improve the existing structure of business. The span of consulting has a wide scope starting from Human resource department and management to the fields of IT and finance. This broad span makes this field an attractive career option for many aspirants.

  • Talent acquisition position:

More or less the job demands a specialized person whose job is to recruit new members and talent acquisition to aid others to find their dream job. These are the specialists dealing with sourcing, enquiring and hiring a required type of employees. Their main job is to use their entire set of skills in sourcing, screening and preparing the candidates for interviews. It may so happen that they may face a situation to stand in a place to do the final interviewing of the candidates. They are expected to be the public faces during the entire recruitment process so they are required to keep a very professional outlook and good working experience in the field concerned.  They have additional functions of keeping an account of competitors, business trends and standards of recruitment.

  • Accountant:

If one is good with numbers then he/she can definitely opt for this. The field specializes in managing the accounts sections of the business. The degree and qualification may vary a bit from the rest of the sectors. Here the role of business management can be thought to be hidden but in real terms it functions side by side in the field of accounting that is in the form of management of accounting. Management accounting in simple terms refers to the process involved in optimum usage of organizational resources in diverse and competitive sectors. 

  • Advertisement:

This sector is recently stealing all the lime lights in business sector. An individual with a business management degree can flourish immensely with the fame it is receiving these days. The individual needs to have a creative mind to improve the company’s outlook among the competing markets. Here creativity is the key to get success and fame. Basically advertisement management refers to specially designed and pre planned process to oversee and control various activities of advertisement involved mainly in a program to communicate with company’s target market which is ultimately designed to influence (change for better) consumer’s purchase decisions. It is aptly referred to as a company’s promotional entity which is required to be integrated with the overall communication program of the company.

  • Banking:

Having a business degree can also open doors to banking which a quite reputed job with full term security throughout the working tenure and even beyond in form of pensions. There the role of the individual is that of manager which backs a reputed position in any bank with a very handsome pay. In normal terms, management of bank involves managing of the statutory activities. The most important function of management in field of banking involves building up of an optimal system of interaction between the various elements in the viewpoint of making maximum profit. There certain characteristics which may be found in ideal management of a bank:

  •  The expertise in fields of strategic analysis, policy framing, business planning, development and management of functions concerned to this sector.
  • There should be quality in terms of business planning
  • There should be provision for risk management
  • There is need of liquidity management.
  • Human resources need a particular type of attention in terms of management.
  • There should be indefinite provisions for management of various forms of risk.
  1. Social media manager:

We all know how the world is relied on social media these days. And one can only imagine the profits that these business holders make on daily basis. So, managing the businesses of the social media is a very reputed. And the journey will hardly come to a halt in recent times in terms of financial terms and fame. Social media manager is a highly sophisticate d profession in terms of fame and money.

With the craze for social media going wild, the job is getting more and more momentum in terms of success. The future in this very sector is very promising with a bright future one can imagine. The future is very well secured as the demand of social media is expected to increase in exponential manner.

Other promising jobs in this field:

Apart from the above mentioned jobs there are few other jobs that people may find welcoming, they are chartered management accountant, sustainability consultant, actuarial analyst, stockbroker, forensic accountant, business analyst, product manager, data analyst, insurance underwriter, project manager, corporate investment advisor, risk analyst, risk manager, operational researcher, human resource officer, logistics and distribution manager, marketing executive, retail manager, sales executive, system analyst, real estate manager, management analyst, credit analyst, training and development officer, secretary or administrative assistant, public relations executive, compensation and benefits manager, customer service manager, insurance broker, market researcher, career consultant, volunteer coordinator, operational manager, cultivation lead and many other promising jobs.

So, these were few of the many promising jobs which are available to opt if you are having a business management degree. Once you have made up your mind to get into this field, a big pressure block is assumed to be released since success is completely guaranteed in this sector. An individual has a variety of jobs to choose which is considered one of the best merits in this field.

No other sector can provide these many job options as this field provides. If you are with a business management degree you should start worrying less about your success because it is guaranteed. Though you cannot expect it to be served for you on your platter; individual efforts are required for a guaranteed success. And in this sector reputation and fame is expected to be undying. With proper tactics and efforts one can attain a respectful position in the company and thereafter the work can be handled with ease and with minimum amount of efforts.

Qualification, salary, promotions and other concerned fields:

 The qualification requirement may vary from one profession to other but the basic degree is the MBA degree. And depending upon the various jobs one wishes to choose additional qualifications has to be fulfilled. According to the qualification an individual possesses he/she can choose among the numerous available jobs. Promotion and salary increment are guaranteed in this sector on timely basis along with compensations during the unhealthy periods of losses and business breakdowns. According to the above mentioned limitations a person with a business management degree is required to choose wisely a career among the many alternative available.

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