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Topics We Cover in Total Quality Management

First of all, let us understand what Total Quality Management is all about. It is basically a management framework, which is based on assumptions that an organization can achieve long-term results by involving all the members. It mainly focuses on       improving quality in the organisation and delivering the best customer satisfaction.

The term is normally denoted by the abbreviation TQM, in most places. Th organizational focus becomes of prime importance in TQM.

Principles of TQM

  • This implementation is based or organizational objectives and methods to meet the same.
  • It calls for the organisation to continuously monitor processes and measure their reach.
  • The objectives of TQM are to eliminate waste and make optimum usage of resources.
  • Initial testing was done in manufacturing framework, bit slowly it has been adopted by other sectors as well.

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Topics in Total Quality Management

The following topics are covered:

  • Evolution Of Quality Concepts and Quality Paradigms
  • Quality & Team Organization
  • The Team’s mode of Thinking
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Leadership Development
  • TQM Implementation
  • Achieving TQM
  • Quality Achievement Through Improvement And Control
  • Quality through Design
  • Quality through Customer service
  • Quality through Innovative techniques

Challenges and Barriers to Total Quality Management

  • There are quite a few challenges in TQM. First among them is too much theory. This becomes a hindrance in education. Some organizations focus more on the theoretical part and forget the applications in the process.

We need to understand, that the perfect TQM does not exist.

  • Most of the organizations end up creating more documents than required, creating the hindrance in the flow. Employees can get lost in the documentation.

The main objective is to create a correct process and not stack paper.

  • For some obvious reasons, TQM is supported by Quality Mangers only. Many people believe, is exist for the creator and implementer. Many are oblivious to the process. So, they do not actively contribute to the system.
  • Organizations generally implement TQM, due to external reasons like customer pressure, certification, etc. So, it has least internal interest.
  • Sometimes, the system is ready. However, the company forces the TQM on the employees and framework.

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