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The word “physics” derives from a Greek “knowledge of nature” and field points to examine, and perceive a natural phenomenon of Universe. Topic of subject physics involves mechanics, light, heat, and radiation, atomic structure, optics, magnetism, acoustics, electricity. Physics is science that deals with matter, and its motion, and conduct through time and space.

It also studies energy, and force. Physics is the study of physical substance, power, and influence between them. It is all about asking basic questions, and trying to answer them by noticing and testing.

The role of physics in field of human activity involves:

  • It helps to cure cancer with the help of radiotherapy, and diagnosing various diseases through different types of imaging like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • It helps in manufacturing, and planning of sports apparatus in the market
  • Growth and development of supportable guise of manufacture of energy
  • Evolving desktop games
  • Comprehending and forecasting natural disasters like earthquakes

Here are top 20 most unknown facts about Physics that is sure to get you thinking –

Topmost extension 

It has been scientifically proven that a postulate of Universe is continuously growing. It is growing at a fair rate of speed. It is believed that galaxies will vaporize in upcoming years. It has been known from several thesis by various renowned Physicists worldwide that only a star that is a white dwarf able to survive in upcoming thirty years.

Universe is like a computer 

There is a specific paper that has been published by an MIT professor, and Universe is a continuous process or never-ending process like a desktop. The number is approximately equal to 10^120 bits. He evaluated a figure on the base of that total amount of sources that are gathered in a total volume before it acquires characteristics of a black hole. The unknown cause is equal to an immense property of thermodynamic system of Universe.

New physics in everyday life

The components that were used in latest cars, and private jets that make them more efficient in fuel than any other forerunners in the market, which results from that synthesis of advanced materials. 

The development in synthesis of advanced materials helps to find new substances, growth of less expensive procedure, and genuine creation of such substances, adding of renowned materials in new geometries, and constant improvement of manufacturing, and handling of inactive substances.

Easy mechanical technologies

The simple location is to see physics in rapid action is with a secure lever most easily observed at a park. The levers come in three forms, and each varies from their fulcrum locations. It serves to maximize the force, reducing the effort needed to move an object on the opposing end. 

For example, a simple ride of “see-saw” at a park involves a lever that is used for sitting, and fulcrum is located in middle of a see-saw. The two opposite pressure balance with each other, generating a pleasant ride through help of air.

Modern innovations

  • Global Positioning System:

Through the help of Albert Einstein’s unique thesis of relativity. His work is essential for GPS (Global Positioning System) on your phone. GPS these days helps a lot for car drivers as it is more of a convenient procedure to look, and drive without facing any problem.

For example, radio signals from different satellites take the orbit of the Earth to locate your area precisely to many centimetres. It is because the speed and the height of the satellites change the signal minutely; nowadays the smartphone controls the results using his thesis. Global Positioning System would be less precise and useful at the same time. 

  • Holographic technique:

The latest innovation is a Holographic technique, which is a process of projecting and reflecting images hologram is a physical structure that diffracts light into an image. Hologram can be used to say both encrypted matter as well as a result in the picture. The image can only be seen by observing a brighten holographic print or protruding the reflected image on a screen.

Newton’s law and conveyance

The industry of transportation is controlling day to day physics. Modern cars and trains use the wheel that provides a natural, stable motion. Newton’s laws of motion work as mechanical force, acceleration, and inertia. Aeroplanes are the only mode of transport which lift and momentum at the same time. 

Gravitational constant 

The science students know well that the value is measured from the free fall of an object at sea level. It should be at the latitude of forty-five degrees from the base level to acquire the value which is ninety degrees is believed by the most.

According to Sir Isaac Newton’s law, it is a ratio of two quantities that is continuously interconnected with the gravitational force between two bodies, the masses result and the distance of the inverse square. The correlation assesses between the energy-momentum tensor and the geometry of space-time. 

The Gravitational Constant is equalled to 6.67408 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2 

Power of a rocket

Rocket fuel is being burned in a big chamber of combustion to generate hot gases. Those hot gases enlarge and flow backwards out of the missile. Fuel and oxygen in a rocket engine are known as oxidizer are both mixed and exploded in a combustion chamber. The rocket produces a very hot exhaust that is passed through a nozzle to speed up the flow and make thrust. Physics has always comes up with a brand new fact. Here, power of a rocket proves that physics is still a enormous subject to explore.

Incredible source of hydrogen energy

Do you even know the fact that the sun burns six hundred twenty million metric tons of hydrogen per second into six hundred sixteen million metric tons of helium? The total volume is four million tons of masses that enter into the solar system. There is a small quantity of 3.6 pounds of the mass reaches our Earth. Hydrogen energy is free energy from the sun.

Quantum mechanics 

One of the most famous quotes of Albert Einstein’s is, “God does not play dice”. Einstein thinks that there must be some laws of nature that could define the matter and make it possible to measure both the position and speed. Quantum mechanics does not fit with another thesis, like Einstein’s special and general Theory of Relativity. It remains an entire mystery as well as an unusual matter to how it fits in with the rest of physics.

How Physics helps us in our daily lifestyle?

Science is a tool that is used to understand our everyday life and helps us to ease it every day. Physics expands well into our day to day life, explaining the motion, forces, and energy of the standard experience. For example, actions such as driving a car, walking or using a phone, physics are at work. For day to day lifestyle all advanced technologies you might take for granted that will eventually exploit rules of physics. 

Viscous Fluids is a fluid that cannot flow rapid enough like water, which is a liquid with low-level density. Nowadays, some scientists went on to prove that liquids such as “Ketchup” can achieve top speeds. If they attain momentum repeatedly over a specified period. Once thrust is obtained, the viscous forces diminish down, and free movement can be seen.

Unusual microwave mystery according to the advance research worldwide, water in that liquid state has the properties to enable much molecular association for growth and development. This helps in increased absorption of heat from food. Foods like burgers become soft and fluffy enough to be eaten after coming out of microwave ovens; this is because it contains yeast.

Anti-gravity motion Water is the only liquid that is smoothly run against the gravitational pull when moving up narrow pipes. The procedure can be elaborated as “Capillary Action”. The water flows up in the small spaces without any assist and against the gravitational force. The capacity of the fluid proves that gravitational force cannot manage the movement of every substance that is present on Earth. The force surface tension can only defeat it.

An alarm clock is sometimes irritating, but it helps people to wake up in morning, and it also can be set on any other time as well. The humming tone of an alarm clock aid you wake up in early morning as per your desired schedule. 

That particular tone is something that you cannot observe, but you can hear from a certain distance or such an experience. Physics learns the beginning, spreading, and typical characteristics of that sound. It runs based on Quantum Mechanics which I mentioned above in the blog.

Strolling is an activity that every person on this Earth does. When a person gets ready for their office. One needs to go through a particular distance. Due to physics, you can effortlessly stroll. Assume that you were walking in a natural park, and you have an excellent grip over without falling due to roughness or fight between the soles that are under your shoes, the surface that is below road.

The resistance is known as friction that is conducted to hold grip down. Suppose, a peel of a banana that comes to below of your foot, and fall due to the uneasy sequence. It is because of that less friction between the below road surface in a peel of a greasy banana, and your shoes.

Ordinary pen is a perfect example of day to day life-essential of Physics as if you are in a workplace or school; a normal pen is a primary weapon. A person cannot write without the help of a pen on paper. The whole idea of gravity applies to this matter. When a pen circulates across that entire paper. Similarly, the ball that is attached in that tip of a pen helps you to turn gravity to add an additional force towards that ink downwards on the ball’s top that is used to transfer papers. 

Speed of light gains rapidly by only moving probably all the lazy people out there on planet must be attentive in knowing that the energy has been added to that moving subject with boosted speed. Since mass and strength are same, while increasing speed, item’s matter also boosts. As you reach towards that speed of light, matter tends to boost naturally. But in modern cars and aeroplanes do not fall in this particular category as an increasing speed is temporary in these things. 

Smartphones nowadays in day to day life smartphones become oxygen gas — everyone who has not been touched by the adverse effects of a smartphone. A crucial message or may be constant gossiping with your partner. There are smartphones everywhere. Nowadays, smartphones entirely operate on the electrical principle, and various oscillating patterns of magnetism, and electricity.

Fire alarm is supposed to take an example of a fire alarm, which is a simple device that is used to detect a presence of fire in air, and daily atmospheric changes that will generally relate to fumes or smokes. It is used to identify smoke or vapour from the air. 

Here you will find many unknown and unheard facts about Physics You can check out this website if you want for more information and sources that will further help you to understand Physics. Find an interesting informational site that will help you knowing more about physics.

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