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Clear you’re Basic Knowledge Before Doing Visual Basic. NET Assignment

VisualBasic. NET is a programming language that is object oriented and had its implementation on the framework of .NET. Visual Basic. NET was introduced in the year 2002 as an updation to the standard Visual Basic language. The .NET framework is targeted by two main languages, one being Visual C# and the other being Visual Basic. NET. More knowledge on the language can be obtained by checking out Visual Basic. NET homework help.

Features of Visual Basic. NET

Students wanting to get detailed knowledge on the features of Visual Basic. NET can log on to Visual Basic. NET assignment help. Few of its unique features are mentioned below —

  • There is indication of a comment in the program in case there has been use of a quotation mark. The mark can have its placement after a code present on any line, when the line begins, followed by tab characters or spaces etc.
  • Both comparison and value assignment make use of the “equal to” sign. The difference of usage according to its requirement can be learnt by visiting Visual Basic. NET homework help.
  • For declaration as well as getting value of a mentioned index, arrays with round brackets are used. The parameters belonging to functions or sub-routines are also defined with the usage of round brackets.
  • Either ending a line or usage of a colon denotes termination of a statement.
  • Different blocks in the statements cannot be defined in any specific way in the language. More on defining statement blocks can be known from Visual Basic. NET homework help.

Reasons that make programmers use Visual Basic. NET

The many reasons that make Visual Basic. NET a favourite of programmers are as follows —

  • The language provides complete support in terms of programming to be object-oriented. To know more about object-oriented programming, one can check out Visual Basic. NET homework help.
  • The ADO.NET format available, allows a better approach to database programming.
  • It has ability to inter-operate with remaining .NET languages.
  • The language exercises huge power on controls and tools.
  • Visual Basic. NET has capabilities for new consoles. These are just a few of the popular characteristics of the Visual Basic. NET language, more on the language can be obtained by clicking on Visual Basic. NET assignment help.

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