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Get an overview about the topic Visual FoxPro

Visual FoxPro is a programming language that was produced by none other than Microsoft. Although it has been discontinued but studying this programming language helps computer science students in a lot of ways. This language is procedural in nature and is object oriented as well as data centric.

Visual FoxPro can be considered as the member of a language group which is also referred as xBase. It can support SQL query and handle data manipulation with perfection. It is a full featured as well as highly dynamic programming language that doesn’t need additional programming environment.

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The actual inception and developments related to Visual FoxPro

This programming language was derived from FoxPro which was actually developed by the famous Fox software in the beginning periods of the year 1984. In the year 1992 Fox Technologies joined hands with Microsoft and after this agreement the software was presented with further advanced features and the word Visual was added as a prefix to FoxPro. The FoxPro version 2.6 was there in the initial stages and it worked on different kinds of operating systems like Mac, Unix, Windows etc. The Visual FoxPro version 3.0 was limited to only Mac enabled systems and later on there were versions till 9 that supported the window based platform.

The recent version that can be seen in Visual FoxPro is actually COM based. With Visual FoxPro Assignment help you will get rid of all the doubts. Lots of developments have taken place till date in this programming language and Microsoft has stated clearly that there won’t be any VFP 10. Thus VFP 9 is the last version in this domain.

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