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The concept of vital statistics

Vital statistics defines the study, collection and analysis of data which involves important human events like birth, death, marriages and divorces. It helps to oversee any population concern and track its growth over a period of time.

Importance of vital statistics

Vital statistics is imperative to understand the workings of an organization. Based on the vital records kept by an organization, you can save a considerable amount of time and energy to ascertain the proper functioning of the company. Thus, it is necessary for students to understand this topic and opt for vital statistics homework help for it. Listed below are the reasons as to why vital statistics are important:

  1. To ascertain the population growth and estimation the rise in population.
  2. For health research.
  3. To analyse the mortality rate.
  4. To keep a track of births.
  5. To ensure proper hygiene and safety during births.
  6. To keep a track of marriages and divorces.

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