Want to Know How to Write A Thesis? Here Are the Steps

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Thesis writing is a very important part of academics of students. In order to do well in the examination, it is important that students write the thesis properly. When you write a thesis paper, it should have a main theme or the important message mentioned in that paper. It is important that thesis paper should reflect the main argument regarding a particular topic.

There is one important statement that will actually convey the actual message of the entire thesis and this is called thesis statement. This statement mentions the main idea about the content in just one or two sentences.

This statement should represent the main topic and should also present your opinion about that topic. It should be able to tell readers about what is the main subject of thesis. It will also help in guiding you and will keep your argument focused on the main topic.

But the question that arises here is “How to write a thesis?” If you are really interested to know in details about writing a thesis then you can go through steps given below:

  • First and most important thing that students need to remember when writing a thesis statement is that all writers will need editing. It is only after writing and rewriting and editing that you will be able to prepare a proper thesis. There is no special technique to follow when you are writing a thesis. A good thesis is just the result of editing and reediting.
  • Planning structure of thesis is also very important. You can sit with your supervisor and plan out the thesis. It is also necessary to create a rough draft and try to refine that draft once you are able to focus more on the work. The most important aspect of thesis writing is rewriting. Students should understand that just writing the draft is not enough. They need to rework on it and prepare a thesis that will help them to fetch good marks in examination.
  • Another important point that you need to know when understanding “how to write a thesis” is that thesis will not always have to be dry and uninteresting. Students should always try to inject some kind of flair in their work. They should try using active voice in place of passive voice
  • When writing a thesis it is not always necessary to write it in a chronological order. It is better to write when students have just gone through different chapters. Try to write a coherent piece and restructure wherever required.
  • Another point that you have to remember when you are learning “how to write a thesis”? is that you need to be extremely careful. First write the draft. Then try to look at in a more critical way. Check to find out if you have many any major errors like subject-verb inconsistency and dangling modifiers present in the draft that you have written. Clarity and structure are the two most important points that students need to keep in mind when writing a thesis.
  • Each and every university or colleges have certain guidelines set. Make sure, when writing a thesis you should keep those guidelines in mind. Also ensure that you cross check all resources before you present it in your thesis.
  • If you follow a house style then there will be a proper consistency maintained when writing spellings. Make sure that you either follow American or British spellings. Do not mix up both these type of spellings.
  • When you are making use of certain quotations then it is important that you write original spellings that might be different from the style that you have chosen. In order to ensure fidelity it is important that you stick to the quotations.
  • If you are taking quotations make sure that you quote them exactly the way they are written. You also need to paraphrase whenever required. This will prevent you from plagiarizing work of others.
  • You should understand that thesis writing is the best way to attract your readers with your writing. Make sure that your introductory paragraph is able to attract the attention of readers. Try to include those topics that will increase value of your writing rather than increasing merely the volume of your writing. This is ideally the best way where you can let your teachers know about your writing skills.

Problems that students face when they are trying to write a thesis

Even after understanding the topic students often find it difficult to present it in the form of thesis. The major problem that most students face is the linguistic issues. It is very important that your thesis should have proper grammar, punctuation etc. In case there are too many grammatical or structural errors in the thesis then you will not be able to get good marks in your examination.

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