What Do Teachers Hope to Achieve by Setting Homework?

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Homework is something that is assigned to you, as students for a number of reasons and none of them are vague. If you are one of those people who are busy in complaining how bad your life is and how much you would like this homework, then you should know its importance. Let me tell you that it is a lot more productive than more than half the things that you waste your time on.

Homework is one of those few academic developments that help a teacher know how bright, dull or attentive his or her student is.

Why is homework an absolute must?

Homework is something that is compulsory in all schools and colleges alike, and this is because the education system of every country throughout the world knows of the pros of homework. Some countries even go on to grade their students by their homework to a certain extent.

This is again a very good move because believe it or not, except for a handful of students, most of the students do not touch their books except before the exams. Homework grading on a regular basis will force them to study harder than they previously did and increased their CGPA to a whole new level.

How beneficial is homework?

Homework is actually a lot more beneficial than you give it credit for. Homework and assignments are not useless. They are assigned for testing the students’ cooperation in class and to check their level of attentiveness to a large extent.

Also, these are one of those few ways by which the teacher exactly understands where the student actually stands and what problem he or she might be facing. This in turn gives the teacher ample opportunity to set things right and solve whatever issues the children or students of the higher classes or college, for that matter, might be facing.

Why should one seek homework help?

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What do teachers hope to achieve by setting homework?

There are a lot of things that a teacher might hope to achieve by setting homework, and all of them are productive. Some of them, however, have been discussed in thorough details below:

  1. Homework helps the teacher understand his or her students potential
  • It may not always be possible for a teacher to understand each student in his or her class in the mere one hour or two-hour class that he or she gets.
  • In such cases where the teacher does not know where the student gets stuck or, has problems in, Homework helps the teacher in entirety.
  • The homework assigned to the students and its completion gives the teacher the opportunity to analyze the students and then make notes on how to approach the child so as to help him or her from his or her own
  1. Homework can increase the organizational skills of the student
  • Homework has a lot of reasons to be included in the regular work of a student and the most important one among them is the development of the organizational abilities of a student.
  • Once you do start with a pattern of doing things and stick to it, there is no chance for you to remain unorganized after that.
  • Your organizational skills keep developing with your work progress.
  1. Homework can make the students more responsible and punctual
  • Homework is something that makes the students shoulder responsibilities, the responsibilities of completing his or her work properly and completing it on time.
  • It is homework that goes on to inculcate the values of responsibility and punctuality in the students which later on the go on to shape his or her personality no matter what he or she may do in life.
  • Your homework is a glimpse into the kind of person you are and with your growing sense of responsibility and punctuality comes a certain maturity in your work as well.
  1. Homework can make the students more disciplined
  • Discipline is something that needs to be taught at home and in school anda number ofways, and one of those many ways is Homework.
  • If you complete your homework, the day you’re assigned it, and if you do it with utmost care and neatness, you will have inculcated a certain amount of discipline.
  • The day you start submitting your homework on time, without fail and score good marks in all of the homework is the day you will have completely disciplined yourself.
  1. Homework teaches you to enhance your knowledge
  • Homework is not mere jotting down of bookish definitions and answers. If that is what your teachers wanted, they would have simply gotten away with marking those for you.
  • Homework is a kind of little test on how willing you are to enhance your knowledge.
  • Once you’re given homework, you have to research on it and to learn to research is something that you learn from that assigned homework itself.
  • Research and the willingness to learn something is something that begins with your homework sessions.
  1. Homework helps you work independently and do things on your own
  • You may not be the same toddler that joined school years back, but you’re still the sane person but a more independent person, someone whom others can count on and, the journey has definitely not been easy.
  • This journey from being the toddler who was dependent on his or her teachers to being the independent person that you are today is an incredible development.
  • This, however, has not come about in a day and there are many factors that have taught you to become the way you are and the most important factor is homework.
  • Homework taught you to do things on your own without any kind of external help which is precisely why teachers are so keen on assigning homework to you.
  1. Systematic study of things has come about because of homework
  • Now, teachers know the tricks to make you wiser and independent, a lot more than you do which is precisely why they so willingly introduce homework in your life.
  • Homework is not just the copying down of bookish knowledge in a notebook to be submitted the next day.
  • It is, on the other hand, the road to success, or rather, the arrows that lead you to the road to success.
  • They teach you about the importance of discipline, punctuality and responsibility.
  • They go on to teach you about the importance of thesystematic study of books which can come about only after you learn to shorten and summarize the important points.
  • They also push you for the betterment of your organizational skills and induce the strength in you to speak for yourself, to clear your doubts on your own so as to never be afraid to ask what you do not know or feel suppressed by anyone.

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