When Writing a Thesis Paragraph You Should Avoid 10 Common Mistakes

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We write a dissertation or thesis paragraph but do not get much time to revise. Often we fail to analyse our mistakes due to the lack of knowledge about the format of thesis writing. Then we struggle to recognize why we scored less marks on our project even after submitting a completed file.

Well! This is not a do as you like game that you will write in any way and submit it to your institution. It signifies the end of your grand degree for which you have spent huge span of time and money.

Thus your document has to contain weighty statements and brilliant sequence which will be sufficiently readable and scoring.

You must have heard of a phrase “when writing a paragraph you should avoid plagiarism”!

This is what makes a thesis document unique and praiseworthy.

Let’s look into few mistakes that pupils often occur.

  1. Writing Broad Thesis paragraphs:

Large statements make a thesis writing look dull and so readability score decreases. Readability means the quality of the contents in your thesis.

It states how easy it is to go through all the points in your total script in a short time. Broad paragraphs with elaborated sentences reduce the magnificence of that statement.

“While describing a matter I have to elaborate it in paragraphs. Then how should I do the same along keeping it legible.”

Well! If understanding your dissertation abstract make someone feels a big harassment then you should avoid writing in big paragraphs. Instead make small paragraphs of 2-3 line and assemble vital points with examples.

  1. Not Consulting with The Experts:

Head of the department of your institute can give you good advices about your chosen topic. You can also consult with your seniors while continuing with your project.

  1. When Writing A Paragraph You Copy Sentences From The Web:

“It is so difficult to make new paragraphs every time with my own ideas”.

But you have to follow that rule for making your essay writing to the point and discrete from the existing files.

Write short sentences on your own words and your paragraphs must include concepts of yours researched work.

Don’t complete your document just for the sake of being a degree holder. Even a graduate is also known as technical writer. Thus, you have to be present your innovative skills in your formal script.

  1. Not Doing Proper Investigation about The Theme:

You have selected an attractive theme but you have not researched about it properly. This would lead your content to have coherent facts and fewer points. Thus scoring on your project becomes highly difficult.

Many a times it’s not possible to create own words for all the lines. Then you may take the ideas from different internet sites and modify it as per your theme is concerned.

  1. Not Planning with The Group Members And Dividing The Work Among All:

It will be a bad idea if you would try to do the whole project by your own. Make a group of 4-5 people and separately distribute the works among them serially.

How to make an organized document?

A document is said to be organized when it is done following and index. An index of any discourse document must contain successive topics. This would make it possible for you to divide the works among your group chaps according to the categories.

For example: Introduction, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 is to be written by you and rest of the other chapter are to be written by your partners.

  1. Writing in First Or Second Person Format:

Dissertation sentences should not have conversational presentation. These are formal writing in the form of essay format including introduction and abstract. Not even in acknowledgement you should write in first person.

“What should I include to make it substantial?”

  • Contended and profound paragraphs are being established when they are implemented with upto the point ideas.
  • Valuable points with cited case study report must be included to make reader learn something new from your project.
  1. Not Using Argumentative Languages:

When writing a paragraph you should avoid writing only do’s or don’ts. Throughout your dissertation file if you only include the crucial suggestions that are to be followed then it will not be thoughtful.

“What should I do if there are no don’ts in my topic?”

This is awkward that your document won’t have any don’ts. If there are advantages of any matter then there are also disadvantages. Similarly there are facts that are to be against with.

  1. Not Including Enough Subheadings:

You must implement various sub-topics to make your document look informative.

As you know the mien of any sample judges your marks, so be cautious before proceeding with your project. Make it look solid and appropriate.

  • When writing a thesis paragraph you should avoid writing long sentences with same opinions. This looks untidy and boring for a reader.
  • Use proper gaps between each completed paragraph.
  • Use relevant sub-titles for each writing respectively.
  1. Writing Different Points in Same Paragraph:

We often fail to arrange different subtitles for various ideas and so we make mistake of writing them down in one paragraph.

When does this happen?

This mainly happens when you have lesser pages but greater points. Sometimes you put few objectives in your conclusion which look different from the total project.

  1. Not Using Transitions and Synonyms:

When you are describing on some matter in your project then you have to repeat certain phrases or words. Instead of writing similar of them you can use synonyms or transitions.

“Should I write in active voice or passive voice?”

This is fair enough to decide! Keeping the content to the point and making sure that the readability is upto the mark, you should discover how to present your document. Keeping both the voices in your sentences in equal amount you should progress in your discourse.

Well! When writing a theme paragraph you should avoid making a sentence ponder another one in indirect speech and vice versa.

A direct sentence once written cannot be inscribed in indirect form again without changing the meaning of the latter. If both the sentences have same meaning then that will input a bad impression on the person who reads your thesis book.

Other Problems Faced by the Students:

 “Should I write summary in the concluding paragraph?”

 Not at all!

The result of the total inscription written in inferring tone is called a conclusion. This will not hold the summary of your total theme but the resultant of your experiments and researches.

A simplified and short summarization is done only in the abstract portion which is placed before or after a project.

 “What should I do if I don’t know where to start and where to stop in a thesis paragraph?”

Make sure you have jotted down points regarding your topic of concern. First make a wonderful introduction that will include few definitions and purpose of your thesis. Then the middle portion will have different topics and subtopics that will convey the messages about your research work in a scheme. The last part will contain the conclusion or ending paragraph that signifies the outcome of a project.

Do you think my blog could tell you when writing a thesis paragraph you should avoid which certain things?

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