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We usually see people listening to music and simultaneously carrying out a task. The task can be reading a book, studying for exam, working on the computer or driving a vehicle. Most people say that music helps them to stay focussed in their work. But have you ever given a thought that why is it so? Is it not disturbing to do two things simultaneously? The answer that most people give in fact is, not having music while doing something is more distracting.

What is the relationship of music with concentration?

The lobes and tissues of the brain are certainly in harmony with music. There is a particular spectrum of music that brain prefers when it is involved in some other work. Music helps you to effectively study and complete your homework. It is only the right choice of music that soothes and provide relaxation to your mind and help you to concentrate better. Survey followed by studies show that music such as that of the Mozart’s, induces a short term improvement in the performance of certain types of mental tasks. In scientific language this is referred to as “Live Homework Help – A Great Option for Students”. This indicates the ability of a person to see the long term or future areas and come up with more analytical and appropriate solutions that seem apt on the logical scale.

While the type and mode of any music lets the brain cells respond differently. Funky music compels you to dance, sad music makes you melancholy, whereas if it comes to staying physically and mentally fit, then you definitely need to create a playlist with motivational music. However, there is a little resemblance of this between two brains. Studies reveal that the choice of music is absolutely based on personal preference. However, whatever type of music you wish to listen while doing a particular type of task, it definitely will increase your focus. Studies also show that listening to 40 to 60 beats in a minute puts the brain in a bright and electrifying mode, where the brain is free and ideas start to float.

What kind of music helps you to concentrate more on your homework?

Similar to the Mozart music, there are a few other types of music that have shown to activate the study mode of your brain. These are:

  • Baroque classical music:

This type of music is believed to have tremendous ability to boost up the mind. As per the famous productivity consultant, David Allen, music such as ‘Four Seasons’ keep him going when it comes to have creative productions.

  • All time favourite:

‘The classical music’ : Classical music has remained to be the most successful to increase a student’s concentration while doing homework. The musical tone makes your mind attain the subconscious level of inner peace that you may otherwise find in the ambience of waterfall, seashore, mountains.

  • Instrumental and beats:

A very modern and furious music, speeds up the rate of information processing by the brain. When it is faster, it allows you to save a lot of your time that probably is absolutely essential after a long tiring day, where at the day end you have to sit with books and notes to complete your homework. The aura of this music is so terrific that you manage to complete the task faster and more efficiently. The all time favourite study tunes are the ones that are piano-rich and orchestral.

  • Chill out musical themes:

Trip-hop, Nu jazz, Ambient House, Ambient Trance, New Age and some other sub genres come in this category. They calm the brain and thereby help the brain cells to relax. The energy that saves by this relaxation, can be used effectively to make calculations or writing long answers to your homework questions.

Though music increases your ability to concentrate while writing your homework, yet there are some specific types of music that do the reverse. You should not pick that up. These are:

  • Music with lyrics :

If you listen to a lyrical music while you are reading or writing, you are actually hindering your focus. This is because the lobes of your brain that are in charge of the two processes, spend their entire energy to process the words of the music. Consequently, no room is left for the words that you read or write.

  • Music where there are too many changes in notes :

Several musical notes occupy larger space in the mind. They are in anyway not relaxing, rather make the brain overburdened with information and as a result of which, outflow of information occurs.

You can surf some professional websites to get some of the really wonderful genres according to your taste. But, choose the right kind of music, that makes you to concentrate on your homework efficiently.

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