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PowerShell was designed by Microsoft in order to automate the various system tasks that include batch processing. PowerShell also helps in creating system management tools for use in the processes that are very commonly implemented.

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What is PowerShell?

PowerShell is an automation engine as well as a scripting language. It has a command line shelf that is very much interactive. It was developed by Microsoft to help the IT professionals to automate the various administrative tasks and also configure the various systems.

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What are the system requirements of PowerShell?

The latest version of the PowerShell that we use today is 5.0. This version of PowerShell works with the Windows 7 SPI, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 etc. In order to work with PowerShell you have to install the .NET framework completely. A lot of times it has been observed that students are not able to understand the PowerShell concepts clearly. It is for this reason that availing Windows PowerShell assignment help is considered to be a very good choice.

The advantages of using PowerShell

  • PowerShell helps you to find out if all the USB devices have been properly installed.
  • You also have the option of performing the best CMD task in PowerShell
  • If you are unable to kill a particular process in task manager then you can make use of the PowerShell and kill it.

You can also play with the 2.0 version of the Power Shell. This is because, this version includes graphical interface and is quite a useful alternative. Here you have the option of saving the scripts as .PS1 files. It is also quite easy to transfer, modify and also import the script across the various systems.

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