Your Guide to Unique Persuasive Speech Topics to Standout from the Rest

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Persuasive speech is a unique category of speech where the main purpose of the writer is to prove a point and convince the readers about his take on that particular issue. To be able to deliver your own point of view through your writing skills is proof of writing a persuasive speech. Students often require unique persuasive speech topics to improve their score on weekly assignments.

Moreover, the art of choosing different and unique persuasive speech topics is the depiction of the fact that a student is capable of thinking out of the box. Persuasive speech writing is an art and comprises of certain typical factors that upcoming writers must take note of. Here, the facts in the form of a speech are aligned in such a way that they are conveniently delivered for the audience to relate to them.

While writing a persuasive speech, one must also remember a point that not all perspective is convincing for the audience. It is impractical to expect that a single speech might have the ability to transform an age-old notion or thought process. Persuading the audience takes practice and experience.Perspectives may fail to achieve recognition, but that should not prevent you from forwarding your beliefs and point of views.

The unique persuasive speech topics highlighted in this blog will definitely work perfectly to reach out to your target audience and find recognition in your class. These topics are enough to set you apart in your public speaking classes.Being able to present a well-constructed persuasive speech is often considered a proven way of an attempting to change present conditions. This might also include changing a college policy which was long due.

Importance of the word ‘Claim’ in persuasive speech

Claim, in persuasive speech, plays a pivotal role since it underlines the point a writer is trying to put forward. It the term used to declare or describe the positivity or goodness of attitude, belief, value, or behavior which might receive opposition or backlash from others. It is the factor which tries to oppose the perception of the others and works to establish a point.

To be able to present a ‘claim’ as believable, writers must indulge in constructive research to elucidate points which are convincing. Along with actual facts, persuasive speeches must be supported by a logical explanation.

Budding students who are newly introduced to unique persuasive speech topics must know the different types of claims. They are broadly classified into four categories-

  1. Definitional claim
  2. Policy claim
  3. Factual claim
  4. Value claim

When a student opts for unique persuasive speech topics he or she must be able to implement these major ideas behind writing a persuasive speech. Otherwise, the central goal of reaching out to the audience and to persuade them with valid explanation will remain futile.

Explaining Persuasive Speech in further details

Persuasive speech, as discussed previously aims to reverse a perception about a certain topic with valid explanation and facts in the form of ‘claims’. During a debate both the parties try their best to win over the argument with our perception of the topic. This is the most common example of a persuasive speech.

Considering the content of a particular speech and its subject matter, persuasive speeches can be distinguished in three main types. While writing on unique persuasive speech topics students must primarily segregate their topic of interest according to the correct type of persuasive.

Here are the 3 main types of persuasive speeches-

  1. Factual persuasive speeches

This is the same as factual claims which are well-documented topics that are supported by solid evidence. For example- Facebook was not a profitable organization up until 2009.

  1. Value persuasive speeches

Here the speaker highlights the moral aspect of a particular issue.  He is set to advocate a certain statement that talks about the disposition of a topic.

  1. Policy persuasive speeches

Policy persuasive speeches are used to explain why a policy or rule should be opposed or supported.

Scoring persuasive speech topics

If students are not assigned persuasive speech topic in particular, they have quite a hard time choosing the correct one. Amidst the endless option available, opting for the right one that is both scoring and appealing is a difficult task. Here are some assorted unique persuasive speech topics that can make your choices clearer-

Topics on pets and animal community

  1. Why forest animals should not be transported to the domestic environment?
  2. Positive effects of having a pet on a newborn in the family
  3. Is it right to breed pets for business?
  4. The ethical aspects of battery farming
  5. Importance of safeguarding dolphin populations

Topics on transportation and vehicular accommodation

  1. The effectiveness of booster seats for our kids
  2. Need for taking courses to get a driver’s license
  3. Effective ways of optimizing street traffic to uphold the safety of the bicycle drivers
  4. Why is texting or calling while driving is unsafe?
  5. Importance of using hands-free for taking a call while driving

Government policies and economic issues

  1. Is detaining people on the basis of suspected involvement in terrorism without prior notice justifiable?
  2. Is the act of burning flags an unethical form of protesting?
  3. Why is it necessary to improve the minimum wages of employees?
  4. Why buying indigenous products should be promoted?
  5. How is the economy affected on hiring considerably cheaper foreign workers?

Academics and educational reforms

  1. Teachers and educators must appear for period screening tests to validate their certification
  2. Why should college tuition fees be provided to the underprivileged?
  3. Should completing community service hours be compulsory for high school students to graduate?
  4. Do you think students connected with cyber bullying must be expelled from institutions?
  5. Importance of enforcing art classes in public schools

These are some the unique persuasive speech topics that are sure to set you apart from the rest of your competition. To be true, these were of great help for my public speaking classes in high school. Give them a try, you never know, they might work wonders for you too!

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