How to Pass an Exam If You Face the Toughest Exam Question

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Understanding the importance of exams

Exams are most stressful events in everybody’s life and even you are well prepared you cannot answers everything in a perfect way as the environment of the exam is very much different the normal environment where you study. Needless to say, those exams are most unwanted part of our life. You simply don’t like taking exams and go through one of the most stressful phases of life. But the utmost truth is that even if you don’t want you have to take exams to move further, you have to pass the exams to move to the next grade.

Keep yourself motivating

Motivation is one of the key factors that help every student to move forward. Unless you are motivated, you will not be able to face even the easiest question and to face the toughest question is just beyond your reach. The most important part of student life is to gain self-confidence. No matter how good or bad you are prepared for the exam, the utmost truth is you should built self-confidence in yourself to achieve success in life as well as exams. Be confident and think positive to enter into the world of success.

10 effective ways to pass in exam when you face the toughest question

  • Syllabus comes first

Before you start preparing, it is very essential to go through the syllabus with an eye for details. At the beginning of your session, your teacher might handed you the detailed syllabus that you have to cover in the entire year. Go through it and schedule your study plan according to it. Do remember you should complete it a week before exams to avoid the last minute preparation.

  • Take proper notes

Notes and lectures are vital components to pass the exam as they contain much pivotal information that often comes in exams. It is advisable to attend your class regularly and make sure that you don’t miss any important lectures and even if you missed out any, try to find out from your mates about the topics that were covered during your absence.

  • Highlight important points in class

It is difficult to take down every note during classes, so it is very important to highlight some points that you are unable to take down. There are many students who love to highlight with different colours even the unimportant one but you should better understand that there is some limit of highlighting. It can sometimes create confusion and makes you to skip the important information.

  • Keep reading regularly

Along with writing notes, reading is also a key factor to pass out any exam even if you face the toughest question. Read and reread the chapters regularly. It is not important only to jot down the class notes, but reading and making your own notes is almost equivalent to it. It can prove to be the best study aid before you hit the question paper. Keep reviewing your notes every week so that the concepts get settle in your brain to avoid cramming before an exam.

  • Do your class assignments sincerely

Every day doing your assignments given by our teachers is not only your regular task to perform. There are some hidden facts behind it. Assignments carry lots of important questions that are important for exams, so it is very crucial to go through all the assignments before the exams. Right from all that small mathematical calculations to the definition of the scientific phenomenon in your assignments are an important study aid to pass your exams.

  • Focus on the format of the exams

Every exam has a differentformat and it varies from teacher to teacher too. Some professors take exams based on descriptive types while other just focus on multiple choice questions. It is important for you to know the formats first, as it will help to plan your learning in a scheduled way by avoiding unnecessary stress and will save your valuable time that you can devote to other important topics.

  • Know the best way how you can study

Man to man varies in nature, similarly their learning techniques too vary. Some like to study in a peaceful environment while others can study well in groups, so you have to identify how you can learn faster without taking much stress. It will not only help you to learn in a more effective way but will also preserve all the necessary information in your brain and will retrieve it whenever needed. If you want to know more ways you can go to how to study the night before the exam day to prepare yourself much better.

  • Start preparing early

Start preparing early rather than burning midnight oil and overloading your brain with too much information. This will not only create confusion but also will make you forget even the topics that you are well-prepared. If you have not started preparing for exam early, it is always advisable to start at least a month before the exams. You can go through your notes for 20-30 minutes every day and in case if you are having any doubts you can clear it before exam and hence you are almost ready to give your best on the final day.

  • Take a practice exam before exams

Mock exams are one of the effective tools to perform better in exam. It gives you the feel of exam kind environment thereby reducing your stress level to some extent. Practice exams also make you realise your weakness and give you an opportunity to correct your mistakes beforehand, by improving your grades and gives you a sense of self-satisfaction. If you go through mock exam you can remember your lessons up to 75%-80% whereas without mock test the percentage comes down to 30%.

  • Proper time management

There are many subjects among which some are important whereas others are less important so you must devote your time according to the subjects that are most important. Many of you are good in literature but poor in science or vice-versa so you are advised to devote much time to the subjects based on your weakness and strength. Time is the utmost important factor for exams, so you are always advised to use your time wisely.

Go through the above points and give your best. No matter whatever the toughest question is, you are ready to face it boldly.

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