How to Study for Biology Exam in One Day

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Some basic facts that you must remember

Do you want to study for biology exam in one day? Well, you must admit that there are no shortcuts to prepare for exam instantly. You must admit it before reading this article. But “where there is a will there is a way” so you need not have to worry. If you are determined by heart that you will pass exam in one day, then no one can prevent you from achieving success anyhow. You must be aggressive and accept it as a challenge and start preparing.

Understand Biology first

Burning midnight oil before biology exam is not the solution to get a good grade in the exam. If you want to study biology in one day you have to read it effectively because it will take a huge amount of time if you go through the study resources word after word. Although Biology is a very interesting subject but it may look complicated if you fail to discover the finest techniques to improve your grades.

Top 10 secret ways to excel in Biology

Let me share some secret mantras with you to get miraculous result in just one day:

  • Focus on terminologies

Although Science books vary from school to school or institute to institute but the chapters are almost same along with the key concepts. Biology is full of terminologies so go through the chapters sincerely and mark all the terminologies associated with it. Write all For instance: if you are studying ecology go through Ecosystem, Ecology Niche, community, biome etc.

  • Go through the notes

Read and reread your class notes thoroughly. Go through all the important points that your Instructors made you write in your notes. Understand it properly and write down your concepts in a paper whatever you understood after reading the notes. Try to make your own notes as your brain feels comfortable to accept it faster than the notes that your instructor has given you.

  • Go through past exam questions

Go through past exam questions paper as well as all the sample answers that have been provided in your book at the end of the chapters. Understand the pattern of your exams before going through it. If you have to face multiple choice questions then just focus on important highlighted point instead of going in details. On the contrary, if you have to face descriptive question then learning through points is the best option.

  • Learn with diagrams

Don’t forget that Biology is a science of living beings. You can find it from your own body that your’s every system like the nervous system, excretory system, digestive system etc. is a very complex system and it becomes more complex because you cannot enter your body to have a close view of it or how they perform. Science says that we remember those things much better that we visualize rather than what we listen or read. So biology should always be read with diagrams. Your concepts become much clear and retain in your brain for a longer time if you can relate it to diagrams.

  • Learn with flowcharts

Biology is subject where you have to learn lots of biological phenomena as well as functions of organs. It is better if you can read it through flowcharts. Your learning becomes much faster. For instance: If are going through the chapter photosynthesis where you are reading Calvin cycle, here if you go through details you will not be able to remember those series of steps but if you learn through flowcharts concepts become more clear to you.

  • Organize all your notes in a proper way

When you have to prepare everything in one day, things become more difficult if your notes aren’t organized properly. So you are always advised to organize all your notes in one place before you sit for preparation or else you have to waste all your valuable time to sort out your notes and the result will stand nil at the end of the day.

  • Make use of memory techniques

Mnemonics is one of the powerful memory tools in memorizing the difficult facts. Do you know what Mnemonics is? Have you heard about VIBGYOR? Yes VIBGYOR is to remember all the colours of rainbow in series and this is what Mnemonics is. It is just to remember the first letter of the word and it works best if you have to remember series of name. For instance: you have to learn 12 cranial nerves of human beings so you can learn easily by applying this technique.

  • Learn with your friends

It is always better to study with your buddies rather than studying alone. Discussing with your group mates enhanced your learning as well as knowledge. Try to figure out what are the points that you left unread and your friends have covered. Asking questions from your friends and answering their questions will let you boost your confidence level much higher than going through the books blindly and mugging up.

  • Proper time management

Invest your time wisely. Do remember you have to cover the entire syllabus in one day so you have to spend time equally on all chapters. Do not stick to one chapter more than two hours. If you think that the chapter is too long and unable to finish within two hours then simply leave up to the point where you have completed and go to the next chapter. Spending too much time in one chapter may let you skip other important points.If you want more tips then go through how to study the night before the exam day to learn more.

  • Focus on differences between the terms

In Biology, there are lots of terms that sound quite similar just like mitosis and meiosis so you should be aware of such terms and learn the differences, understand it and figure out the key points.  Write down all such terms in one paper and go through all those confusing terms. Learn it loudly so that your ears could figure out the differences before you are final revision.

Biology is a science that is filled with complexities so you must follow all these steps to get the fruitful results in just one day. All the best wishes!

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