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Physics – As a Subject

So, what is physics? A science subject of course. It is related to the study of matter. We study its behavior and the motion of matter, through space. It is one of the most basic scientific subjects. The science helps us to understand the world.

It is one of the oldest subjects taught. It has got immense applications in astronomy, mathematics and also a part of other subjects like biology and chemistry. Physics is an irreplaceable part of technological advancement. All our modern-day appliances have a direct co-relation with physics. Televisions, computers, domestic appliances, all have are dependent on physics for circuits and other mechanical attributes.

Wrong Notion about Physics in High School

Many of you have not understood physics and its attributes in high school. There are several myths that are attached to the subject. Many students fear the subject, as they thing it will be too hard, or it does not apply to life and it will not allow you to have a good job.
Now, let us break down the myths.

  • More and more schools are encouraging students to take up physics in high school as an elective. Many colleges are making physics a compulsory subject, so that students take it up in school.
  • Physics is a subject, of numerous colors and applications. The job market with respect to physics is really doing well. Physicists are being hired in a variety of professions, like that of journalism, law, finance, computer science, engineering and many more. Physics is actually drawing more heft paychecks than the other sciences. The additional scientific expertise is creating rock-solid foundation in various courses and fields.
  • Physicists are being looked at as problem-solvers. You can find them working in labs, college faculty, consultants and more.
  • Physics the base of other science subjects. You will have to study physics at some point or the other, if you are studying the other sciences. Bio-physics is an example.

There are numerous reasons, why you should be studying physics. Let us check it out.

  • Physics is a thinking subject. So, anybody who takes up physics, need to put on their thinking caps. This will in turn, make your brains work hard. You will tend to experiment more, come up with new ideas leading to technological advancements. It will help you in analysis and brainstorming.
  • Physics has the power of explanation. There are many questions like, reasons behind the color of the sky, the scattering of light etc. All the explanation is backed by physics. You must have wondered in your childhood, how the earth rotates and how many cycles it completes every second, every minutes. The explanation is only physics. So, physics can answer all your questions, related to the universe.
  • Physics helps you to brush up on your math. Numerous philosophers have studied the relationship between mathematics and physics. Historians and educators are also studying the role, each plays in the development of the other. The relationships between math and physics, is something much more complicated, than meets the eyes. They were studied as one discipline at one point of time. Calculus and classical geometry paved the way Newton analyzed motion. Even, when both of them started existing separately, they were closely linked. Throughout history, both the fields have contributed to each other.
  • Those who study physics can also be engineers. Engineering is one profession that has diverse applications, in real-life scenarios. From the design of your house to the car you have, everything is backed by engineering. One, who is taking physics as an elective, can take one of the subjects offered in engineering as a minor subject. It is not impossible for a physics graduate to go into engineering.  The engineering domain provides many careers in physics. In manufacturing and technology-based jobs, the applications are immense. Physics graduates are often tasked with the improvement and development of products and manufacturing processes. Potential employers look for multiple industry experience.
  • Physics definitely helps you to get into college. Many colleges are taking scientific geniuses. They try to accept students, who have a strong scientific inclination, so that they can represent the college or university globally. For both majors and minors, the subject physics is considered important.

How to Score Well in Physics

The most important topics to study in physics are optics, electronic devices, atoms and nucleus, electrostatics, matter and magnetism. These topics are the most important in the study of physics.

  • The students, who are weak in math, should try to read Modern Physics. The semi-conductor chapter and atoms and nucleus are important chapters. Dual nature of radiation, communication system, ray optics, wave optics is also important chapters that can fetch good marks. Current and electricity are also easier chapters.
  • You should study every day. The subject physics requires some time to absorb information. If you try to absorb all the scientific information in one go, it will become impossible to memorize and imbibe everything. Do not even think that you can cram physics at the last moment. You will never succeed in that.
  • Read the text book properly. Go to the library and read text books, that covers all the topics covered in your class. If you do not like your text book, try to get more textbooks from other authors.
  • Before you go to class, read your textbooks properly. Before attending the lecture, try to find out your problem areas, so that when your teacher explains it then you need to find out exactly what ails you.
  • Pay attention in class. This is an important prerequisite of studying physics. You will get to know, many a valuable information. However, you need to pay attention in class.
  • Be an active learner. The more actively you participate in class, the more you will understand.
  • Do your physics lab work seriously. It is very important. It is the one that fetches a lot of marks. The more diligently, you attend physics lab, you can get good marks.
  • Practice, practice and practice more. The more you practice physics formulas, the more you will excel in physics.

There are some tricks and tricks to master physics.

  • Master the basics first. It is based on a number of theories. Instead of trying to memorize the problems, you need to understand the basics first. You need to understand the underlying formulas, theories and concepts. Then only, you can understand how to go ahead and solve the problems and find their solutions.
  • Practice mathematics. You need to strengthen your math skills, and then only you can excel in physics. Review mathematical problems. This will help you in finding solution to mathematical problem in physics.
  • Simplify things. Try to simplify everything. It is important to remain calm and composed, then try to bring the problem to a level which you are familiar with by simplifying it in your mind.
  • Diagrams and drawings are of prime importance, when you are doing physics. Use flow charts and diagrams to decode meanings in physics.
  • You can also incorporate flashcards in your study.

How can teacher and you, yourself make physics all the more interesting?

There are mainly two types of people, in this world. One who loves physics and one who does not? If you fall in the second category, you need to make certain changes in your life and make it more interesting. Even if you do not opt for higher studies in physics, in some way r the other it will come back to you in other science subjects.

Even, those who are studying commerce cannot avoid technology. You need to understand the science behind several gadgets at some point or the other.

 Did you ever give it a thought, why many people do not like physics, like you? It is the main problem of our education system, which concentrates more on the marks and examinations, not on the learning part. This is a recipe for disaster. We all need to incorporate activity-based learning at all levels. The same has been introduced at various levels and at various classes, but still in the developmental stage.

Now, everyone is busy analyzing the core problems of physics. Lack of exposure to science can have serious implications on students. Schools and colleges alike are coming up with start –up projects.  These can act as a self-guide for analyzing more problems and coming up with solutions. Hands-on experimentation will give a deep insight into the subject. You will start understanding and loving the subject at a deeper level. Parents have an important role to play, in the understanding of such complex subjects. You can involve parents in the study. It will make your life easier.

Experiential learning is very important for you, to start loving the subject. Then only, you can find solutions to most of problems, which are mostly practical-oriented. You can also think of taking guidance from online tutors and homework help companies. These are thriving in the market. Physics is not only about getting high marks, but understanding the concepts is of utmost importance.

Online Teaching and Tutoring in Physics

There are various companies that have come up in the education arena, to provide help in the science subjects which are very difficult or have certain challenges attached to them. The process is very easy. The online classrooms are equipped with tools that you need to ask several physics questions and get answered. You can also upload your lab assignments, through embed chat features and get them analyzed and answered.

The physics help, that you require is easily available at the click of a button. The tutors have MSc. BSc. PhD and other scientific degrees to help you cope with the problems in physics. All are adept in their field.  Get the benefit of such personalized education, get your selected tutor. These companies have dedicated tutors, who can help you immensely with your assignments, examinations and can help you to get good marks.

The current online help companies have tutors and mentors having experience in both Classical and Modern physics. Classical physics is in existence for hundreds of years.  Modern physics is a result of this evaluation in physics.

Turn to experts for help, 24×7. Simply, submit your physics assignment to the subject matter experts, get prompt quotation and reply, give them a turnaround time and pay upfront. Some even take payment later. These companies will not only complete your physics assignment, but also revise and re-submit answers if found unsatisfactory.

The help that you will get is invaluable. It is not always possible to miss out on the fun in life, just because you have to ace your exams in physics. At such times, physics tutor help is required. You need to make the most of it. Try out the services, choose companies which are reliable and give proper service. Go by reference and you will not repent. Check for privacy policies and good tutors. Always, check the background of the tutors, which is of prime importance. You can go to their social media sites and check for their background, before selecting your tutor.

Post questions in their forums, share the platform with other students. It is one of its kinds. You get free chat help, large area of topics, availability all the time and more.

We have seen the best of reviews, but you need to decide on what is best for you. Judge properly and delegate your homework to the best in town. Track your progress lives and excel in the subject physics. It is not something to be scared of. Go ahead and take physics help today and excel in the science that covers the entire universe.

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Mary Clooney holds a PhD. degree in Chemistry with minors in Biology and Physics from Princeton University. She is currently a professor with one of the renowned institutions in the country. She is attached with one of the best online homework help and tutoring companies and has great expertise in reaching hard core science subjects, like physics.

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