10 Tips to Stay on Top of Homework

What once used to be fun and minimally time consuming has become one of the most stressful and draining times during a kid’s day. Apart from class work, debates, sports and a varied amount of other activities in school, teachers are setting a fairly exorbitant amount of homework, nowadays. This leaves many children stressing about […]

Wyatt Damon

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Top 15 Free Ipad Educational Apps

What is an iPad? I’m sure even little kids these days know what an iPad is. It is the latest technology gadget that proves to be useful to everyone, isn’t it? Starting from shooting videos to free educational apps, an iPad has almost all the features that you see in a normal cell phone. Be […]

William Brando

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12 Tips for Last Moment Exam Preparation

Exams are knocking at the door and you’re freaking out because you’re not entirely prepared? Well, guess what? That happens a lot! Stop stressing to begin with, because that will not get you anywhere. What you need is a plan and if you can pull that out successfully, you’ll surely nail your exams. The right […]

Evelyn Clooney

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10 Parenting Tips to Know Before Sending Your Kids to School

As parents, you must know how crucial it is for helping your kids well, so that they face no problems in school. Certain practices will enhance good results and to make life easier for children. There’s so much work and little time left and if you happen to be a new mother then you have […]

Grace Pomers

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