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Management is a subject that we are all aware of. Every day, we are managing something or the other, our lives, our businesses, our jobs and whatnot. Different people have a different methodology to manage certain areas and some are common.

What is Management?

Management of businesses is about how you run a company. There are a number of areas that you have to manage. In Business Management, there are several areas like finance, human resource management, marketing management, operations management and so on.

Each of these areas have their own challenges and benefits. You need to find out, the main areas that need proper survey and you are good to go. Management as a subject has many facets. The number of subjects that you will be studying depends on the Management course, which you are studying. There are certificate courses, diploma courses as well as degree courses. The number of modules, depending on what exactly, you are studying.

Management – Arts or Science?

This is the burning question, everywhere. Well, we can consider it both as an art and a science. It mainly depends on the perspective. Some consider, it to be an art as it requires proper practice, practical know-how, a bit of creativity and personal abilities as well.

Management basically, combines both the arts and sciences. Management is an art, as it has certain skill sets and that is not possible for all managers. It is a science, as its applications require certain procedures and methodologies.

In order to become a successful manager in ones’ lifetime, a manager needs to acquire, both knowledge from the arts and science. Management is considered the oldest art form and the youngest in the science arena.

The Science:

  • There are many principles in management that utilizes scientific principles. Let us take universally accepted principles, like law of gravitation. It is applicable in all areas of life, encompassing gravitational forces. The Principle of Unity of Command, is one such principle which is applicable to the management arena. It means “One man, one boss”. This is applicable universally.
  • Experiments and Observation are common the science field as well as in Management. These are based on logical reasoning. These have been developed over the years, after a lot of investigation and research.
  • Validity and Predictability is another area. It is a social process; hence it falls in the area of social sciences.

The Arts

Art is generally defined as the application of theory to get the best effects. Art has a few characteristics that are common with management.

  • You need to have some practical knowledge, apart from the theory bit. To become a good artist, a person has to be aware of various colour combinations and aesthetics. Otherwise, you can never become the master artist that you aim to be. In a similar manner, unless and until you know the theory part, you cannot apply it into practicality, so it is very similar to art.
  • Now comes the style bit. There are many who learn the art but creates his or her own style. Management is just similar to art, in that respect. All of you learn the same thing but tend to apply it differently. This is where all the differentiation comes in.
  • Perfection and practice are inter-related. If you don’t practice, you cannot make your craft perfect. Similarly, the managers learn through trial and error and practice.
  • Just like the arts, management is goal-oriented. If you do not have a goal to accomplish, you will never even think about perfecting the art.

Subjects in Management

The various subjects in management are:

  • Economics
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Project Management

If you are eager to study Business Management, you need to study a number of subjects. Certain subjects are common and others can be different, based on the course that you are choosing.            

Economics in Management and Its Related Assignments

If you are still trying to figure out, how to complete your economics assignments, look no further. You have to keep certain pointers in mind before you can attempt and complete your economics assignments.

  • You should be well aware of your surroundings, in order to attempt your managerial economics assignments. Before you start analyzing the problems, you should make sure that you have acquired the necessary knowledge from books and study banks.
  • Become a part of chat rooms and other economic forums. There is constant change in this area, as every day a new policy is being formulated, new propositions coming in and much more. You have to swim with the change. So, stay updated.
  • Thirdly, just do not memorize blankly. Try to grasp the problems and also go through the question banks and academic papers.
  • The fourth important suggestion would be to take assignment help from assignment help companies. You just need to describe your problem to the assignment help expert and you get the solution in stipulated time. You can also avail online tutorials on the subject of managerial economics.

The major categories of economics assignment help are microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics focuses on market analysis, company analysis and case studies, supply and demand and other mathematical calculations.

Then, comes the larger story. Macroeconomics assignment will teach you and measure your knowledge in growth policies, inflation, monetary policies and financial policies and regulatory norms.

Before attempting your Economics Assignments, you need to follow some steps. A lot of planning and research goes into the preparation for your economics assignments. You have to do the drafting, re-check all the important pints, write the assignment and then follow through with editing and proof-reading.

Human Resource Management and Its Related Assignments

All of us are aware of this stream of management. No company can survive without human resources. It is an irreplaceable part of the company structure. No matter, how many computers you purchase or AI systems you involve, still you will need some capable human hands for many functions in the organizations. Human Resource Department is one such department, that you need to give priority as your goals attain completion, only through human involvement.

Let us see, what functions are included under the umbrella term, human resources.

  • Recruitment and Staffing Function
  • Compensation and Salaries
  • Training and Development
  • Labour Laws and Compliances
  • Organization Development

There are many sub-categories according to the role that you take up. Larger organizations have specialized departmental segregation under Team HR. They are the roles of Benefits Manager, Recruiter and Compliance Manager to name a few.

You can avail the services of various human resource assignment help companies from qualified personnel. Now HR is a descriptive subject, where your viewpoints might not match hat of your examiners. So, that is when you will score less than your counterparts.

The major problems in writing HR Assignments are:

  • Following university, guideline is a huge task. And to top it all, you need to complete and answers.
  • Getting hold of original information in any human resource-related task is a huge issue.
  • Choosing the best topic, so that you can get great marks is yet another task.  You simply know that you cannot score well in all topics.
  • The lack of time and deadlines take a toll on student’s lives.
  • Some of you may not be competent enough to write great HR essays and may fall flat.

Marketing Management and Its Related Assignments

We all know what marketing is all about, right? Just like Human Resources, a company just cannot exist without marketing teams. In fact, sales and marketing teams bring forth the product into the market. The main purpose of a marketing department is to promote your business and facilitate sales. The team performs the research in the market, to equip your products with benefits that other products in the market do not have.  

In today’s times, marketing is one of the most important verticals. It is taken up by a majority of students. It helps in building a strong career in the corporate sector. Markets are very volatile nowadays, so the study of marketing has become very necessary to understand the changing markets. Marketing strategies also differ from person to person and from company to company. Thus, all of the above factors make marketing a vast subject. So, students are burdened with an extensive syllabus. The most popular topics in marketing that most students need to attempt are:

Public Relations and Corporate Operations –

  • This is one of the most important parts of the subject. A lot of questions from this section come in major examinations. The chapter has a lot of case studies, which students need to study and answer. Many times, this topic involves a lot of risk calculations as well.  Thus, this topic is quite important for students.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Analysis of the Budget is also important. Marketing management professional softens need to make decisions based on these topics. Hus, assignments in such topics also demand a lot of study and attention.  The topic also entails a lot of statistical calculation and the same reflects in the assignments as well.
  • Taxation and its implications on Marketing Management. This is another important area of study that often comes in assignments and questionnaires. This is the most challenging part of any business. So, questions on these topics are very important for real-time solutions once the students enter the corporate sector.

You can get assignment help services in marketing management, in 4P’s of marketing, Business planning, Branding Strategy, E-Commerce, Marketing Communications, Content Management and more such areas. In a subject like marketing management, you need to be up on your toes. It is a competitive world out there and the best way to leverage is to find out the updated information, branding strategies and competitor analysis. So, it will help you in your examinations as well.

Tips and Tricks to Scoring Well in Management

  • First and foremost, you need to organize your study area. You should make sure, to create enough space to keep your textbooks and notes in the right place. In that manner, you can find out the exact material, at the time of studying or burning the midnight oil for your examinations.
  • Use of Flowcharts and Diagrams. This is again very important and an irreplaceable part of studying for your management examinations. Unless you know a topic inside out, you cannot understand all its nitty gritties. Get all your ideas on paper in a flowchart, so that you can refer to them at the end.
  • Explanations in front of the mirror or peers help. In a multi-faceted subject like management, which keeps updating and upgrading itself, you can explain important answers from the question bank in front of peers and family members, as well. That way, the answer gets deeply embedded in your psyche.
  • Organize study groups or make groups for studying. When you study together all doubts are cleared on the spot. It is not at all possible for each one of you, to read through every journal. However, when you do your homework and get down studying together, you have the option of exchanging ideas. So, you gain more knowledge out of it.
  • Time Management is another important factor in management, both when you are studying and also when you will be applying it on the field. You need to plan in advance so that you do not falter at the examination hall. Adequate practice can help you in calculating and managing your time during assignment and examinations.

So, management is a great topic to study. In between if you need personal assistance, you can take a help from online management homework help companies as well. It opens a whole lot of options, career-wise. However, you need to invest adequate amount of time and energy to get the returns.  

Author the Author:

He is Robert Simons. He has done post-graduate with a specialization in Management studies and researches data from the Harvard Business School, Boston, and Massachusetts. He completed his specialization from Harvard Business School and followed his passion of teaching students and inspiring them to take the route of management study and excel in the world. Simons has taught courses on strategy execution, accounting, and management control systems. He has been working for the past 30 years now and entirely experiential in this field of management and has a better hold on accounting and management studies. He has one unique method of pedagogy that he applies in teaching, whether in the classroom or in the online classes, that she takes.

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