Career Options for Students Specializing in Finance

Who doesn’t wish to earn a fortune? Parents want their children to earn much more than they used to earn. Finance is a stream that offers a wide spectrum of career opportunities. However, with so much to offer in the job industry, the balls lies in your court as which industry you want yourself to […]

Evelyn Clooney

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Here’s How to Choose a PhD Research Topic in English Literature

“One of the practical ways to create knowledge-based growth is to motivate potential candidates towards pursuing their PhDs!” Although Ph.D. is considered an epitome of superior knowledge and understanding, to be able to reach that point in a lifetime is quite a task. It takes years of toiling and perseverance to actually get something fruitful […]

Wyatt Damon

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Get a Life, PhD: How to Choose a Dissertation Topic Is Answered Here!

“Ph.D. is really not my thing. I don’t have that kind of perseverance” This is something almost every student has to say when they are asked about whether or not they see themselves pursuing a doctoral degree. But honestly, undergoing a Ph.D. has more to do with smart techniques of working rather than just hustling. […]

Grace Pomers

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