The Importance of Design in Industrial Engineering – Case Study

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Are you facing issues with the completion of design-based Industrial Engineering assignments? It is imperative to know that these two subjects are completely different in approach. Yet Engineering can cohabit with industrial designing efficiently.

Industrial design is applied to create a refined product. Usability becomes the basis of this art. The work of an industrial designer is to direct on the overall shape of an object, texture, colour selection, sounds, and other aspects concerning the use of the product ergonomics.

An industrial designer plans the product development system to establish a design language of a product. Some also help form a corporate identity or branding with creative ideas. This process is vital in terms of revenue creation as market trends are followed. Consumers would naturally feel associated with the brand and its unique designs. This is the achievement of an industrial engineer skilled in design.

Apart from designing a mere product, industrial engineer is efficient in decoding the consumer needs. Let’s say a client or a friend needs a product targeting a global audience; the individual skilled in Industrial Engineering would require a deep understanding of the current trend. Since design and pattern are work of creativity, engineers have to start with market research.

Next comes the budget; the created designs must be analyzed thoroughly to dissect the overall cost, material requirements, function, etc. If approved, the designers have to work systematically to create a model that satisfies the major stakeholders. The final product design should substantiate product sustainability, marketing scope, manufacturing possibilities, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Some companies hire an industrial designer who works parallelly with an engineer to determine the actual expense of manufacturing a specific model. They experiment with different manufacturing techniques, materials and designs.

These concepts are vital to form an Industrial Engineering assignment or case study. Individuals need to concentrate on the basics of designing to attain significant results. Nevertheless, designing covers a major part of an Engineer works process; understanding the variables becomes critical.

How Industrial Designing Overlaps With Engineering?

The debate that industrial designing overlaps with engineering design is partially correct. The difference of operation can vary according to country and work culture. It is a fact that engineering focuses on the functionality of products while designing focuses on visual and user-interface aspects. Though different in approach, Industrial Engineering are dependent on each other significantly. The absence of a single stream can completely damage the complete manufacturing.

At the 29th General Assembly in Gwangju, South Korea, the Professional practise committee defined industrial design as a strategic problem-solving method that leads to business success, innovation, innovative creation, quality services, and experiences. It can also be described as a trans-disciplinary profession that yoke creativity to create advanced solutions.

We can say design provides a promising path towards an innovative future with creativity and problem-solving. Here Industrial Engineering can be a smart way to link customers to new technology and business prospects that target competitive advantage across environmental, economic, and social platforms.

It is important to know that start-ups or new businesses need the branding to secure funds for product development. Using a design tool streamlines the path to improve a customer’s life and help them locate an enterprise.

Technically, when a potential customer looks at a company, it judges the offerings, image, reliability, self-sufficiency, etc. Hence industrial engineers need to work hard on-brand design.

This again substantiates the need to work with professional designers who can offer a quality design that is efficient and relevant in price.

How designing in Industrial Engineering work?

The process of designing is focused on analytic creativity. Industrial Engineers associated with designing use various designs techniques and tools to achieve success. The common method used is research, sketching, research, prototyping, model formation, and testing.

One can see industrial designers use 3D software and CAD programs that facilitate the designing process. This softwares are needed from concept formation to final production. Companies can use 3D printers to create a prototype and then move on to industrial CT scanning to test the product. This helps in producing a CAD model and simultaneously detects the minor defects.

This is how Industrial Engineering depends on design strongly.

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What are benefits does design-based industrial engineering offer to society?

As discussed, industrial engineering has streamlined the path to productivity and efficiency. Designing gives this goal uplift by aiding the engineers with their creative targets. Ome of the advantages that one can expect from the collaboration of these two streams are-

  • Revenue:

As the model created is scrutinized and tested before launching into the market, one can expect efficient output. This ensures lucrative income for an enterprise as clients would be satisfied with the quality.  Clients would see that the company has a good reputation and financial stability. This would again aid in the brand generation and add to the longevity.

  • Improved efficiency:

Industrial engineering keeps a brand ahead of the market competition. It is undeniable that customers demand new and advanced products; hence experimenting with the designs like model shape, internal structure, material finish, etc., improves competence. Planning the design also gives a solution to reduce the usage and expense of raw materials.

  •  Self-analyzing technique:

Designing uses 3D tools that create an opportunity for analyzing the minor loopholes. A designer can find faults in his/her prototypes and work towards improvement. Industrial engineering focuses on optimization and less waste creation. The output is safer, rewarding and sustainable.

  • Employment generation:

The best part about designing in Industrial engineering is the prospect of the workforce. A well-oriented design would initiate a spectrum for an efficient workforce who can make the prototype a reality. Moreover, the concept is all about improved ergonomics; the people associated with the process would be working for a healthy environment and efficiency. As the new technologies reduce the overall cost, the launched product would be affordable as well.

These are the general function of design in industrial engineering. Understanding this concept in detail can aid a student in determining how a company works. We can say that the explanation above is just a small example of a case study. However, the topic is vast and contains many sections that need to be explained in detail.

Writing a case study requires you to spot issues in a scenario and demonstrate the professional policies and theories behind them. You might also need to recommend solutions based on a given scenario.

If you are pursuing industrial engineering, you are obligated to create a design to secure good grades.

However, managing the theoretical studies and assignment completion pressure can force you to worry.

What are the Challenges of Writing an Industrial Engineering Case Study?

There are various issues faced by students when writing a case study. Some of which are-

  • Writing issues

The problem with most assignments are the usage of relevant terms and data. Many students are unaware of the tonality and structure of a case study.

  • Less Research

Lack of correct data can destroy the entire assignment. Teachers would rank these writing as poor projects.

  • Not enough information-

This is a common issue that many students face, slowing down assignment completion.

  • Lack of time-

Time shortage is again an issue for students. Most of them juggle between concepts, logic, and assignments that further disrupt mental peace. Finally, they end up submitting a rushed project containing multiple errors and formatting issues.

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